Expert HR Guidance
Access to highly experienced HR professionals who provide expert guidance and support
Customized Solutions
Tailored HR solutions that fit your unique business needs, like a perfect puzzle piece
Time Efficiency
Save time and resources with streamlined HR processes and efficient solutions
Cost Savings
Reduce HR-related costs through optimized processes and resource allocation
Proven Results
Demonstrated success through a track record of improved HR performance
Global Perspective
Access to a global perspective on HR trends and best practices

Mission Avagagroup

Our mission is to empower organizations to thrive by optimizing their HR processes. We believe that when HR is done right, it becomes a catalyst for growth and success. We are here to support you in achieving your HR goals and unlocking your full potential.


Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Services
Job Position Analysis
Candidate Sourcing
Screening and Assessment
Interview Coordination
Onboarding Support
HR Process Optimization
HR Audit
Process Redesign
Automation Solutions
Compliance Management
Training and Development
Employee Relations and Engagement
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Conflict Resolution
Performance Management
Employee Recognition Programs
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
HR Consulting and Strategy
Strategic HR Planning
Succession Planning
Organizational Restructuring
Change Management
Comprehensive HR Reports

History Avagagroup

Avagagroup was founded with a vision to transform HR processes for businesses
We secured our first major client, a multinational corporation, marking a significant milestone in our journey
Expanded our service offerings to include comprehensive HR outsourcing solutions
Opened our first international office to better serve our global clients
Launched our innovative HR automation platform, streamlining HR operations for clients
Reached a milestone of serving over 100 clients across various industries
Responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering remote HR solutions to support businesses in challenging times
Celebrated our 17th anniversary with a commitment to continued innovation and excellence in HR services
Today, Avagagroup is a trusted HR partner, serving organizations worldwide and empowering them to thrive through optimized HR processes


Basic HR Support
$1,500/per month
HR Consultation (10 hours/month)
Employee Handbook Review
Standard HR Forms and Templates
Email and Phone Support
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Recruitment Essentials
$2,500/per month
Job Position Analysis
Candidate Sourcing and Screening (up to 5 positions)
Interview Coordination
Onboarding Support (2 hires/month)
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HR Optimization Pro
Custom Quote/per month
Comprehensive HR Audit
Process Redesign and Automation
Compliance Management
Customized Training (HR staff)
Ongoing Support
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Full-Service HR Partner
Custom Quote/per month
End-to-End HR Management
Employee Relations and Engagement
Performance Management
HR Strategy Development
24/7 Support
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